After Rudyard Kipling, surprisingly enough.

Oh I’ve hid with Picts in warpaint in the heather by the Wall
And I’ve marched with Roman legions down the muddy tracks of Gaul
And I’ve stood a lonely night-watch in the eerie Afghan hills
And I’ve marched with pack and rifle ‘longside Tommies in their drills

And I’ve hunted through the Jungle with a wolfpack by my side
And I’ve watched the Rhino itching at the cake-crumbs in his hide
And I’ve seen the head of Dravot, with a crown about his brow
And I’ve seen the armadillo, and I know both Why and How

And for all these things I’ve seen and heard and all these things I know
I will raise my glass to Kipling, for it’s he who told me so.

Copyright © 2018 by Finn McLellan.  All rights reserved.

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