Isolated I

Isolated I
Build walls around my words
Word-walls around my worlds
Shave off sharp edges
Blunt broken-glass glaciers
Compact, confine, conglomerate
The five in one, the whole wide array
Of thought, behaviour, movement
Into the box of ‘normal’
Re-channel, restructure, move maddening impulse
To accepted acceptable action
Break pattern stride shape form
Snap string mid-sentence
Reject repetition, reject rocking, reject unreal reality
Re-shape in readable readiness
For quashing quick-draw question
Silencing scepticism, attacking assumption
But home, here, hearthfire
Here, isolation is intention, internal instinct.
Understood, unquestioned, unattacked.
Isolated, I am

Copyright © 2018 by Finn McLellan.  All rights reserved.

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