[cw: self-harm.
This is written from experience, and after reading a few too many poems glorifying/mysticising self-harm]

Don’t pretend you’re special just for knowing all the steps
There’s been a hundred hundred go before
And with every line you make you find you’re tracing other scars
Cut in other skin with feelings just as raw

Don’t think that you’re unique because you’ve never met another
You think we’re all as obvious as you?
There’s a wealth of information layered fabric can conceal
And there’s sense enough in hiding what you do

So you think you’re on your own, that there’s nobody understands you
Well here’s a thought – try opening your eyes
For every one of us who hides it there’re ten who barely bother
And inside knowledge sees behind the lies

It’s a punishment, release, it’s a way of keeping grounded
It’s a test or it’s a way to keep you sane
It’s a dry run for escaping, it’s a way to feed addiction
It’s for blood, it’s for penance, it’s for pain

It’s disturbing or it’s honest, it’s a problem or solution
You’re the only one who gets to make that call
But it’s not unique and special and it doesn’t make you deeper
It’s only human nature, after all.

Copyright © 2018 by Finn McLellan.  All rights reserved.