Twitter thread roundup

So,  as most of the people reading this probably know, I have a Twitter account. Mostly I’ve tended to use this for posting updates on my wordcounts, snippets from my WIPs, and general gripes about the state of the world, but more recently (by which I mean ‘in the last few months’) I’ve also started playing along with some of the hashtag months, since they’re a bloody good way to learn a little more about the world you’re writing in.

So far I’ve managed one full month (#LGBTWIP, courtesy of KM White ), and am currently working on a second (#sensationalWIP, courtesy of Crescenda):

#LGBTWIP thread
#sensationalWIP thread

They’re both for Argentum, since it’s the WIP I’m working on right now, so if you’re interested in learning a little more about the characters and the world, I’d suggest checking them out (though ‘ware rogue spoilers).

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