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First off, this is a sticky post – the most recent content is below this.

With that out of the way, read on for an explanation of the main serials/’verses on this site, as well as a general heads-up of the kind of content you can expect from each:

Argentum in Aqua
A queer gaslamp fantasy trilogy (Blood on the Snow, Silver in the Ashes, Fire in the Sky) with werewolves, vampires, magicians, and rather a lot of blood, Argentum is the story of a ragtag group of magicians having to band together to save their city from a nefarious plot (and, along the way, deal with blackmail, murder, monsters, and their own inability to communicate like sensible human-shaped beings).

Contains a fairly large amount of swearing and non-trivial amounts of blood/upchucking (though more Gentleman Bastards/Six of Crows levels than First Law), as well as some stuff around addiction, mentioned suicide and self-harm (as a ‘you won’t get the satisfaction if I take control of my own ending’ response), PTSD and mental illness.

Argentum ‘verse stuff is tagged as such – if you’re interested in the draft of the first book of AiA (Blood on the Snow), you can find the index here (or, if you’d prefer to remain unspoiled for chapter titles, the first chapter here). Currently I’m posting the second book (Silver in the Ashes), the index for which you can find here – when I’m on schedule, new chapters go up at 1pm GMT/BST every other Saturday, though current events mean that’ll likely slip from time to time.

Black Roses
Urban fantasy, and a sort of sequel to the Argentum stuff (it’s complicated and involves worldhopping). A group of disparate travellers from various worlds drawn together by a Duke of Hell to fight a battle against his usurping cousin for the fate of the mortal world itself.

Swearing and gore, death of major characters including kids, addiction, PTSD, mental illness dealt with in far more detail than in AiA.

As above, anything from this ‘verse is tagged as such, though mostly what you’ll get from it is short fiction.

Seventh Son
A YA fantasy in the vein of Tamora Pierce or the Mags-era Valdemar books, Seventh Son is the story of a farmboy who runs away from home to seek his fortune and ends up joining up with the remnants of a mercenary company who’re on a quest to save their captain. It’s deliberately tropey as all hell, and very queer found family.

Significantly lighter than the other two, with no major swearing and some light gore.

This one’s an ongoing online story – find the start of it here or the most recent chapter here.


All of these books have majority-queer casts, including non-binary and trans guy MCs, and all of ’em have at least one non-het relationship. Seventh Son has two canonically autistic characters, one of whom’s a non-verbal kid who uses sign language, and a pair of characters with hypermobile joints who use joint braces. Argentum has a canonically autistic character, and several characters dealing with various disabilities, including chronic pain.

And a note on things that aren’t in there: I do not write sexual assault and related themes into my books, even the darker ones.


If you like my stuff and want to see more of the behind the scenes information, folks who’re subscribed to my Patreon get access to worldbuilding posts and the option to ask me/my characters questions on Q&A posts (as well as access to chapters from Argentum two weeks before they go up on this site, when my schedule’s working properly). If you just want to toss a coin to your writer (thank you!) I also have a ko-fi here.

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