Sabbat and Archer, a portrait


‘A portrait of Archer is not complete without Sabbat, and likewise in the reverse. Each of their portraits in the chair work fine on their own, but it’s as a pair that they really come together.

This one was a fun one, because Sabbat’s choice of clothing contrasts so well with Archer: Sabbat is wearing cheap/worn/out of date styles that were chosen more for how easy it is to run around in them, while Archer’s are more current, tailored and made for comfort. Sabbat’s also wearing his outdoor (hobnail) boots rather than the soft indoor boots Archer is wearing. (And probably ruining Archer’s floors while he’s about it.) The emboidery on his outfits is both subtler (black on black) and simpler (generic leaf patterns on waistcoat and trews, snowflake on boots), rather than the custom, fancy silver embroidery on Archer’s.’

– Jai’s commentary on this piece, taken from here

These two are so much a double-act that, when we started this project, we knew we had to do it in such a way that they could end up in the same image together – hence Sabbat’s pose in his solo picture – and I am so godsdamn happy with how this came out.

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