Viola character portrait


Viola is Amelia’s lady’s maid/bodyguard/valet, and as such, she goes where Amelia goes. She’s also a werewolf (the first one I’ve drawn from AiA!).

The embroidery on her clothes are in the same motif as on Amelia’s, although obviously not as over the top. She’s also breaking some social norms in her clothes, although not necessarily for the reason you might think – not wearing shoes in Sacaan is pretty highly unusual, given the climate! (Either cold and snowy or humid and wet.) But when you have claws for toenails, and transforming into your other form would ruin anything you’re wearing if you have to transform quickly… Boots get shucked whenever possible. (At least, if you’re Viola, and don’t give a toss about propriety.)

She’s much taller than Amelia – she’s actually nearly Archer’s height! – so I had to resize my sketches and adjust my sketches quite a bit.’

– artist’s commentary on the piece

Jai, once again absolutely hitting it out of the park (and putting up with my continued inability to describe what my characters’ noses look like XD). Find their work on Facebook here and dA here.

(Previous pictures in the series: Archer, Sabbat, Amelia)

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