And another non-writing update


I didn’t win NaNo this year, unfortunately – turns out I could hack writing-and-dayjob and writing-and-LARP, but writing-and-nastily-unwell-for-a-fortnight was just slightly too much for my ability to make words happen. I did, however, get approximately 38,000 words done, so it wasn’t as though it was an abject failure.

In terms of other writing, I’ve not actually managed that much recently due to work-followed-by-holiday (which, this year, hasn’t involved any 8-hour-long flights or stopovers in airports which allowed for snatching writing time). Again, though, ‘not that much’ doesn’t equal ‘absolutely nothing’, and words are continuing to happen.

I’m almost certainly going to fail out on all my writing resolutions for this year, and I’ve accepted as much. But all that means is they roll over to 2020, and I’ve always found even numbers more auspicious.

And this site’s definitely not going anywhere. Hells, if I have enough money in the new year, it might just get something of an upgrade.

So yes. Not much to report, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

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