Will There Be Singing?

In half a minute, half a halfbeat more
Our words can travel halfway round the world
In half a minute, linked from shore to shore
As fast as thought by lightning slingshot hurled

‘cross borders, boundaries, cultures, codes and creeds
We share our faces, thoughts, our hopes and fears
Our dreams, our dreads, our plans, our words, our deeds
Our stories, echoed onward down the years

From every corner, country, scrap of land
We sing out, voices strong against the dark
We stand together, knowing that we stand
United, stronger, passing on that spark

For though the world lies sunk in blackest night
While still we live, and still we sing, there’s light

(Author’s Note: Apologies to Brecht for once again plundering his quote, this time for title inspiration. This was originally written for a prompt-fill – the prompt was ‘technology’, though I think I slightly went off on a tangent from that)

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