So I have a Patreon now

The way this is going to work is as follows (pretty much copy-pasted from my Twitter thread):

  • On the 2nd of every month, there’ll be a new chapter of the current draft of Argentum for patrons. If/when that runs out, there’ll be worldbuilding, poetry, and whatever else I can come up with.
  • Chapters 1-5 of the current draft of Blood on the Snow are free to read and will stay free. Chapters of Seventh Son will always be free.
  • Currently chapters 6 and 7 of Blood on the Snow are up for patrons, mostly because Chapter 6 is teeny so I figured two for this month was only fair. 
  • All the stuff from AiA is draft content, which will likely change a fair amount between now and whenever I get something I’m happy to publish ebook-wise.
  • I don’t have tiers – if you want to chuck me $1, read what you like and then unsubscribe, you do you.
  • Oh, and I’m almost certainly going to try and do at least one Q&A post – if I get enough interest, I’ll try making it a regular thing. Also character Q&A (villains included), because that’s just a fun time all around.

And some quick answers to possible questions folks might have:

Does this mean you’ll stop posting fiction to this site?
Not in the least. The Patreon’s an additional place to put things, not a replacement. (Hells,  money I make from Patreon is fairly likely to go into making this website better).

Does this mean the only way to access Blood on the Snow past Chapter 5 is to subscribe to your Patreon?
At the moment, yes. It’s a compromise of sorts, and I fully understand that it’s not going to be to everyone’s tastes, but it allows me to post a lot more draft content than I’d otherwise be comfortable posting. Notably, there will be ebooks when I’ve got to the stage where I’m happy to do that, and those’ll be available to anyone who wants to buy them, patron or not. (They’ll also hopefully be illustrated – keep your eyes on this site for more information on that in future).
EDIT: After having realised exactly how much content I have, the above is now no longer exactly accurate. The new chapters will be available for free on this site, a month after they’re up on Patreon.
This does not apply to author/character Q&A and any other Patreon-exclusive fiction.

What else is going to be on the Patreon, aside from AiA?
Predominantly worldbuilding-type stuff, I suspect – I’ve a fair amount of random background pieces of information about the world and characters which might well find their way onto there. There’re also a couple of backstory novellas I need to write, though I’m not locking myself into saying when or if those’ll happen.

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