Dealing with quarantine (AiA)

So you know when they say ‘write what you know’…

But for serious, plagues and pandemics have happened all across history, as have quarantines and lockdowns related to them. With that in mind, and acknowledging that this is not at all canon, here’s how the Argentum crew would like respond to Sacaan being under quarantine:

Uses the time to catch up on some reading – ideally research into the plague, if he can get his hands on anything to do with it, but if not he’ll happily fall back on old monographs, intelligence reports, and those piles of magical texts he’s never quite got round to starting. Fairly soon, the breakfast table is buried under drifts of loose paper and open books and he’s neck deep in composing three monographs and a report on Sinnlenst interference in the criminal justice system.
If he’s quarantined with Sabbat, the research is punctuated by good-natured arguments, irritable requests for the return of his paperwork, and the occasional hours-long digression into reminiscence and drinking. Oh, and attempting to teach Sabbat to fence.
If he’s not quarantined with Sabbat, the research mostly ends up being a distraction from bone-deep fear and anger at his own inability to do anything about the situation, because… well, that.

If he’s quarantined with Archer, he’s spending the majority of his time companionably annoying the other man, stealing his paperwork (and reading it, because it’s interesting), failing to learn to fence, and turning the back half of Archer’s hallway into an impromptu range for knife-throwing practice.
If he’s on his own back at the Daggers, he’s likely spending a fair amount of time strung out on Smoke – it makes the time pass more interestingly, and it’s better’n sitting fretting over the fact that Archer’s in danger and there’s fuck-all he can do about it. Other than that, he’s sharpening his knives, cleaning and trimming his gear in general, and probably finishing reading whichever of Archer’s books he’s borrowed and has yet to use as a knife-throwing target.

Spends a lot of her time in wolf form, because it makes everything feel a whole lot less sodding complicated. When she’s two-legged, she’s tiring herself out doing whatever exercises she can manage either indoors or in the garden of the townhouse, as well as doing whatever’s needed to keep the place running smoothly and make sure that Amelia doesn’t work herself into the ground. Like Sabbat, she’s spending a lot of time tending her gear and polishing up her leatherwork, though she’s also trying to summon up the patience to learn better embroidery than her current workmanlike stitch.

Organising. Amelia’s the kind of person who can’t sit still and just let things happen – and she’s also the kind of person who has a lot of money to throw at the problem. She’s likely neck deep in whatever charitable schemes her parents are currently running, as well as attempting to work out where her wealth and abilities would do the most good in the city and how she can leverage them without putting herself in danger (if for no other reason than because Viola’s already stressed enough without her giving her more to worry about).

Reading. A whole lot of reading. Some of it’s university-related – lectures might well be cancelled, but essay deadlines still need to be met – but mostly he’s going through the trunk full of penny dreadfuls and adventure tales he brought from home, curling up in the corner of his bedroom with a glass of hot tea and retreating from this world into the comfort of well-worn and nicely predictable fictional ones. He’s also working on embroidery, given the patterns on a fair amount of his formalwear are apparently a little too old-fashioned for the city (they were fine for home, but home’s apparently somewhat behind the times).

If you thought Archer’s piles of paperwork were bad… Anneke pretty much disappears into a mountain of journals, manuscripts, and every conceivable other form of data, emerging only occasionally to retrieve food and drink (and likely only when reminded to do so by one of the other priests shouting something through the door). Given data-gathering and research is incredibly comforting for them, they’re actually coping surprisingly well with the situation.

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