Laptop Woes

EDIT: Laptop get! Leaving this up for posterity, but laptop has been acquired.

So, to preface this, this isn’t going to stop me writing – this is a small embuggerance, not a major one.

I… am not good at keeping laptops alive. Part of that is because I tend to buy cheaper machines than I technically need for my use case, part of that is because I’m just naturally hard on my stuff (there’s a reason I have a rugged case for my phone and tend to buy trousers and jackets based pretty heavily on their hard-wearing qualities).

The practical upshot in this case is that my laptop is having issues. Again. Given this one is relatively new, I am Not Exactly Happy About This (though the gods know I’ve been using it for 8+ hours pretty much every day of the pandemic, so it’s not as though it’s not been touched). Working on the Sam Vimes Boots Theory of Socioeconomic Unfairness, my current plan is to save up for a more rugged and higher-spec machine in the hope that this time I’ll get something which’ll actually stand up to… well, me.

I’m ridiculously lucky inasmuch as I still have a job at the moment and, even with the fact that I work a 4 -day week, I can absolutely save up for this – might take a wee while, but it’s doable. If you do want to chuck me a fiver I’m not going to say no but this is absolutely not an ‘I need you guys to help me or I can’t write’ situation.

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