A quick update on Silver in the Ashes chapters

TL;DR Yes, I’m still writing them, but for the moment assume that the update schedule is ‘when they’re finished’ rather than specific days.

Longer version: So my regular readers may have noticed a distinct lack of new chapters of late. The reason for this is twofold – firstly, my dayjob gets ridiculously busy around the September-November period; and secondly, I’m currently part of the team running a weekly LARP system, which means that a fair amount of my week is taken up writing downtimes and missions for our players.

I am still working on Silver in the Ashes, but between my dayjob and LARP it’s slower going than I’d like, and I’d far rather wait until the chapters are in a state that I’m happy to put out into the world than rush and give you work that’s below my standards.

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