Go Ask The Dead What Dreams May Come

Go ask the shattered shades of men
With starlight in their eyes
What secrets may be found beyond
The dim and distant skies

Go ask the twisted broken corpse
That hangs upon a tree
What knowledge may be found within
The long eternity

Go ask the cold and dew-wet grass
What clay still lies beneath
Go ask the buried bones where lie
The waters of the Lethe

Go ask the newly slain of war
With wounds still gaping red
What peace there is beyond the night
For those already dead

Go ask the ghosts of murdered men
Of drowned and starved and burned
Come back to me, my living love,
And tell me what you learned

Copyright © 2022 by Finn McLellan.  All rights reserved.

Yet another poem from way back in the day that I somehow failed to post over here. Still pleased with this one.

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