I Aten’t Dead

Just tired, stressed, and trying to run several different strands of creative process at once while still dealing with a) disability fuckery and b) the ongoing slow carcrash that is living in the UK at the moment (especially as a trans person).

I’m working on getting things back onto a more even keel, and currently planning to take some time for writing over the next few months, but… yeah, that’s why there’s not been much in the way of updates here.

As a reassurance/clarification, Silver in the Ashes is very much still an ongoing project (as is Seventh Son, though I’ll fully admit the hiatus on that one might not be ending any time soon). I’ve been participating in a couple of writer chats/hashtag games over on my Twitter, so if you’re looking for extra Argentum-verse content, that’d be one of the places to find it (specifically the answers to the #WOWchat prompts, hosted by @TLM_writes and @juniper_lake every Friday).

Happy Pride to everyone who’s heading out to a march or protest this month and the next, and don’t let the bastards grind you down. We got this, even if they’d really like to pretend that we don’t.

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