Because information about binding should be easily accessible

And because, frankly, I am fucking sick of certain portions of the media in my country (looking at you, a certain right-wing paper whose editorial staff are apparently obsessed with trans people to a frankly somewhat unsettling degree) deciding that the information that stopped me fucking killing myself as a teenager is in some way dangerous or evil and shouldn’t be shared.

So, binding guides (don’t use ace bandages, don’t use tape, don’t sleep in your binder, make sure you’re keeping an eye on pain/rashes/etc, be very careful of your breathing if you’re doing vigorous exercise):

Scarleteen guide to binding (and other gender expression gear)

Rainbow Project binding guide

Hudson’s Guide on binding

A small sample of places to buy binders/compression gear:

Underworks (if you’re in the UK, you can also get Underworks binders from Trans Shop)


Spectrum Outfitters

Shapeshifters (custom fit/fabric stuff, so pricier, but very good quality)

If you have an LGBTQ+ cafe/bookshop/network in your local area, it’s also worth looking into whether they have a binder swap program – a lot of them either do or will be able to put you in touch with an organisation who does.

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