Blood on the Snow (Argentum in Aqua 1): Index

(Not the actual chapter titles, mostly here as anchor points so I remember what’s happening when. Also note that the chapter structure might well change between drafts)

Chapter 1: The Midwinter Ball

Chapter 2: The young gentleman’s guide to accidentally joining a secret society

Chapter 3: A series of unexpected visitors

Chapter 4: Of corpses and coffee

Chapter 5: What’s a little light breaking and entering between friends?

Chapter 6: A reasonable conversation

Chapter 7: The first war council (and an arboreal interlude)

Chapter 8: Of sparring and samovars

Chapter 9: Tug the web, wake the spider

Chapter 10: All too many revelations

Chapter 11: A good night for a hunt

Chapter 12: Desperate measures

Chapter 13: Of all the alleyways in all the world…

Chapter 14: From bad to worse

Chapter 15: An unexpected ally

Chapter 16: Of blood, bandages, and mysterious boxes

Chapter 17: In which everyone gets some much-needed rest

Chapter 18: Medicinal tea and unwanted letters

Chapter 19: Of pancakes and experimentation

Chapter 20: The second war council

Chapter 21: Dark places for dark deeds

Chapter 22: Finding ways in, finding ways out

Chapter 23: Into the snakes’ den

Chapter 24: A face in the crowd

Chapter 25: New friends and old foes

Chapter 26: They who fight and run away…

Chapter 27: Escape