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Pride of the Ninth

[Author’s Note: this is fiction for Age of Iron, a larp system I played in several years ago. As such, while the characters in this story are my own invention (and the Ninth Legion and their traditions were mostly mine as well) the world itself belongs to others]

“Do not contradict me, scout sergeant. I am giving you an order, and I expect my orders to be obeyed. Is that clear?”

“With all due respect, sir-” Marius began, spitting the words through gritted teeth in a way that left no doubt exactly how much respect he thought due to this particular officer, “I don’t-”

Something flickered in the corner of his vision – the fingers of Gaius’ left hand, tapping out an urgent message on the worn leather of his sword-hilt.

Stop. Agree. AGREE.

Well. That made things a whole fuckton better.

Fighting back the anger burning in his throat, Marius bit his tongue, squared his shoulders and tried grudgingly to pretend he hadn’t been about to tell his Officer Commanding exactly where he could stick his pisspoor excuse for a battleplan. “Yessir. Crystal clear, sir.”