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Flesh and Blood

[Content warning: under the read more, the following piece contains explicit gore including intestines, accidental self-injury, mention of vomit, and detailed description of a PTSD flashback.
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It’s the things you don’t expect that gall the most.

Like the steak. You didn’t like steak, before – cultural thing, probably, and the taste of it never appealed even if that hadn’t been at the back of your mind – but it wasn’t more than a general issue of preference. Nothing that actually impacted your life in any way.

Then, one afternoon, you’re making supper – you and your daughter, while your wife’s out at work. Since both the girls eat steak, you decide you’ll cook some for them (just because you don’t eat the damn stuff, doesn’t mean you can’t cook it). You get the packet out of the fridge, and that goes fine. Get a knife, slit the plastic, peel it open. All fine, all usual. Reach in to pick up the steak- and that’s when it goes wrong.


A Mouthful of Sand

There’s sand in his mouth.

He’s not sure why there’s sand in his mouth – hell, he’s not sure of anything at the moment, beside the fact that he seems to be alive (and even that’s up for debate) – but sand in his mouth there most definitely is, coating his teeth and tongue in a gritty metallic-tasting sludge that he realises, with an odd sort of detachment, tastes a good deal more like blood than it would probably be expected to.

So, he thinks, after a moment’s hazy contemplation, there’s blood in his mouth.

This puts a new spin on things.