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I Aten’t Dead

Just tired, stressed, and trying to run several different strands of creative process at once while still dealing with a) disability fuckery and b) the ongoing slow carcrash that is living in the UK at the moment (especially as a trans person).

I’m working on getting things back onto a more even keel, and currently planning to take some time for writing over the next few months, but… yeah, that’s why there’s not been much in the way of updates here.

As a reassurance/clarification, Silver in the Ashes is very much still an ongoing project (as is Seventh Son, though I’ll fully admit the hiatus on that one might not be ending any time soon). I’ve been participating in a couple of writer chats/hashtag games over on my Twitter, so if you’re looking for extra Argentum-verse content, that’d be one of the places to find it (specifically the answers to the #WOWchat prompts, hosted by @TLM_writes and @juniper_lake every Friday).

Happy Pride to everyone who’s heading out to a march or protest this month and the next, and don’t let the bastards grind you down. We got this, even if they’d really like to pretend that we don’t.

Brief update!

So I am attempting NaNo again this year, which means this place is likely to continue quiet for a while as I try to fit writing 50,000 words around a day job, LARP events, and family life.

On the plus side, I might well end up getting other writing done while I’m procrastinating (witness this post, for example).

If you’re interested in following my progress, my NaNo profile’s here and my #LGBTQWrimo thread on twitter starts here.

New Year’s goals and a writing game update

As might be obvious from the lack of posting here and on my Twitter, I’m currently on holiday, which has been wonderful for my brain and rather less so for my wordcount.

However! As a result of having got slightly tipsy last night, I did manage to finish up the #sensationalWIP questions for December, thus closing off the last bit of ‘I need to get this done before January’ I had hanging over me. Which, in turn, clears the decks for setting some goals for 2019, as follows:

– finish the first full draft for Blood on the Snow. That’s not as daunting as it might sound, given I’m currently about 2/3 to 3/4 of the way through and most of that was written in 2018.

– start the first proper draft for Silver in the Ashes (sequel to Blood on the Snow, surprising no-one. I have a theme with this trilogy). See above.

– win NaNoWriMo 2019, because it’s been a bloody long time since I’ve actually won one.

– actually get more done on Seventh Son. 2018 was mostly porting already-written chapters over to this site – 2019, ideally, should see some new material.

– write more short stories, because they’re not something I’m confident with yet and I need the practice.

–  on that subject, get 100 rejections. This one comes from a friend of mine, but as a way of looking at the submission process which doesn’t make you want to curl up and hide in a hole, it’s definitely not a bad one.

– actually start writing poetry again.

– and, finally, get a damn sight better at introducing my worlds and characters to people. In this, at least, I have a distinct advantage in that one of my partners is a bloody good artist and (because they are amazing) has promised me character portraits for Argentum at some point in the future.

I don’t know how many of these I’ll actually end up getting done – life has a habit of jumping up and biting me when I start making plans which involve spending significant amounts of time not paying attention to it. But y’know what? I’m excited to find out.

Twitter thread roundup

So,  as most of the people reading this probably know, I have a Twitter account. Mostly I’ve tended to use this for posting updates on my wordcounts, snippets from my WIPs, and general gripes about the state of the world, but more recently (by which I mean ‘in the last few months’) I’ve also started playing along with some of the hashtag months, since they’re a bloody good way to learn a little more about the world you’re writing in.

So far I’ve managed one full month (#LGBTWIP, courtesy of KM White ), and am currently working on a second (#sensationalWIP, courtesy of Crescenda):

#LGBTWIP thread
#sensationalWIP thread

They’re both for Argentum, since it’s the WIP I’m working on right now, so if you’re interested in learning a little more about the characters and the world, I’d suggest checking them out (though ‘ware rogue spoilers).