Silver in the Ashes (Argentum in Aqua 2): Index

(Not the actual chapter titles, mostly here as anchor points so I remember what’s happening when. Also note that the chapter structure might well change between drafts)

Chapter 1: A moment to catch your breath

Chapter 2: Of baths, booze, and bitten tongues

Chapter 3: Hot chocolate and heart-to-hearts

Chapter 4: The message

Chapter 5: Of drinks, discoveries, and dressing for dinner

Chapter 6: A change of scenery

Chapter 7: Gathering stormclouds

Chapter 8: Blood in the darkness

Chapter 9: An unexpected offer

Chapter 10: Making splints, making plans, making tracks

Chapter 11: Across the threshold

Chapter 12: The apprentice

Chapter 13: Preparations for a journey

Chapter 14: Honeyed words and heavy hearts

Chapter 15: A house in uproar

Chapter 16: Ill-met by stormlight

Chapter 17: Step into my parlour, said the spider to the fly

Chapter 18: Homecoming

Chapter 19: A moment of respite

Chapter 20: Whispers through the walls

Chapter 21: Half a war council is better than none

Chapter 22: Research, research, research

Chapter 23: Of letters and lies

Chapter 24: Backlash

Chapter 25: Drink, and fix this

Chapter 26: A guide in dark places

Chapter 27: Shadows in the trees

Chapter 28: The trapdoor

Chapter 29: Two can keep a secret, if one of them is dead

Chapter 30: Magic in theory, magic in practice

Chapter 31: Sleep, at last

Chapter 32: Last-ditch hopes and million-to-one chances

Chapter 33:

Chapter 34: