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Blood on the Snow: Chapter 2 (draft)

“Sinnlenst,” Sabbat growled. He spat a mouthful of blood onto the already gore-soaked snow. “That’s the last thing we fuckin’ needed.”

“Are you in any way surprised?” Archer countered, standing up and pocketing the last of the second corpse’s effects. In truth, he’d been rather hoping that the two men weren’t Sinnlenst enforcers, if only to avoid having to make the encounter a lethal one, but once they’d revealed their allegiances there was only one way the meeting was ever going to end. “We knew this was a possibility, Sabbat. Especially given where we found them.”

“Doesn’ mean I have t’like it,” the other man grumbled. He crouched down, pressing two fingers against the third body’s neck. “Alive. Not that that means much fer you lot, but saves you havin’ t’wait around ‘til he wakes up.”

“That’s something, at least. I don’t suppose he’s conscious as well?”

“‘s your lucky day.” He moved his hand from the young vampire’s throat to his ear, then gave the aforementioned appendage a sharp tug. “Rise an’ shine, matey. My friend wants a word wi’ you.”

“Eep!” said the young man, helpfully. He opened his eyes, staring around at the moonlit alleyway in what seemed to be utter bewilderment. “Um. Hello?”

“Hello,” Archer replied, trying very hard not to laugh. He crouched down in the snow, trying his best to look at least somewhat friendly. “How are you feeling?”

“I’ve felt better,” the boy admitted, pushing himself up on his elbows. His red eyes widened as he caught sight of the two corpses, and he made a small worried sound in the back of his throat. “Uh. Are… are they dead?”

“No, they’re havin’ a fuckin’ nap.” Sabbat sat back on his heels, pulled out his hipflask and took a hearty swig of the contents. After a moment’s consideration, he offered it to the boy – who took it, took an equally hearty swig, and promptly burst into a coughing fit that lasted a good half a minute.

When he’d regained his breath (and Sabbat’d stopped laughing), he took another look around the alleyway, closed his eyes, and appeared to come to some sort of conclusion. “I… Thank you. I think you might have just saved my life.”